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Golf Makup

Danielle applies makeup to prepare the Golf Channel’s
Frank Nobilo for a live broadcast from the
“Barclays” PGA Championship Tournament.


A great look on camera is no accident.  After all the lights, cameras and other equipment have been set, you should to consider the impact a great makeup artist can have on your production.

Our makeup supervisor Danielle Masterson is a veteran makeup artist for film, video, stage and print.  In front of the camera or on stage, Danielle’s team can hide the flaws we all have, or accentuate your talent’s features to project the right mood to an audience.

Special effects makeup is also available.  From horrific peeling skin burns and wounds of all kinds to “zombie” looks, aging effects, historical and period creations plus full wig and beard work, Danielle can create the look you need to make the audience believe it’s real.  Anything is possible when you put Kaelin Motion’s makeup artists on the job.

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